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Key Aspects of a Strong Fraud Program During COVID-19

5 Steps to Stronger Fraud Mitigation

Fraud Detection

Your Guide to Improved Fraud Mitigation During and After COVID-19

Build a Stronger Fraud Detection Program

As 2020 comes to an end, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are undeniable. The financial devastation, as well as loss of life and health, has taken its toll. While some of the trending fraud schemes are not new, they have been transformed to prey on communities already dealing with unprecedented times. How is your organization moving to solidify its anti-fraud program to mitigate these increased risks?

Download Fraud Detection Program Guide

5 Steps to a Stronger Fraud Detection Program in 2020 and Beyond


Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Fraud typologies currently on the rise due to the pandemic
  • Benefits of performing a risk assessment and gap analysis
  • Steps to show regulators how you are addressing emerging fraud trends
  • The 5 things you should consider while looking for fraud detection software
  • 7 key software features you need for fraud detection in 2020



Abrigo's Fraud Detection Software

BAM+ Fraud

Our software  will detect and alert you to a host of customizable fraud types while providing a central case management system that allows you to work with your teams to resolve alerts quickly and efficiently.  Better identify, detect, and stop the fraud that impacts your institution with BAM+ Fraud.

BAM+ Fraud can detect, track, and resolve
your financial institution's fraud cases all in one place.

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