Capital Planning: Leading Your Bank to Success

Every financial institution has a defined set of goals focused around earnings, growth, capital, or a mix of things. To reach these goals, it is crucial to put together a thought-out and achievable plan that matches the talents of the institution. This whitepaper outlines regulatory capital and risk-based capital standards, as well as how capital planning and management can impact a financial institution’s ability to meet its goals.

Optimize Risk for Your Bank


Integrated Portfolio Risk Management

Report on portfolio health with a single click.

Working in silos for financial risk activities is costly and time-consuming. With Abrigo's Portfolio Risk Solution, you can gain maximum insight and efficiency by connecting stress testing, calculating expected credit losses, economic forecasting, budgeting, asset/liability modeling, and more. Alongside technology, Abrigo offers an experienced in-house consulting team including former auditors, bankers, and regulators. 

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If there is one thing I can say about Abrigo, it's that they have taken the complications out of it.

— Andrew Reid, EVP and Chief Credit Officer, Bank of San Antonio

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Capital Planning: Leading Your Bank to Success

Download this whitepaper to learn how capital planning and management can impact a financial institution's ability to meet its goals.

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