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Automate the Full Life of a Loan

Lending and Credit Risk Software

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Abrigo lending and credit risk software
Best-in-Class Loan Origination Solution

Book the right loans for your institution, faster.

Credit and Lending Platform

Streamline Loan Origination on One Platform

From loan application to credit underwriting to loan administration, our fully integrated lending and credit risk solutions allow your financial institution to streamline its origination process and ongoing customer management. 

Our web-based, user-friendly solutions reduce your staff’s time spent on data entry, giving them time to focus on relationship building and value-added analysis.  

Lending and Credit Risk Products

Equip your staff to make smarter decisions, faster, with scalable processes.

The products making up Abrigo’s loan origination solution allow your institution to automate the processes most important to your team while replacing data silos. These solutions combine for greater data efficiency and reporting power for the institution, paving the way to insights, scalability for growth, and digital revenue expansion 

Sageworks Lending Solution

With Abrigo, it’s possible to grow your loan revenue through efficient, digital workflows so you can book loans faster and reduce manual errors and inconsistencies.

Sageworks Credit Risk Solution

With Abrigo, institutions support loan growth through scalable credit underwriting processes based on sound credit decisioning and monitoring practices.

Abrigo's Clients Outperform the Market

Our turnaround time improved tremendously...because we were able to customize it and tailor it so we could get all of the information we needed for underwriting upfront."
Rebecca Abraham, Chief Credit & Risk Officer

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Advantages of Abrigo's Lending & Credit Risk Solutions

Increase the ease of loan origination.

End-to-end Loan Origination Platform

Origination can be a long, frustrating process requiring huge spreadsheets, data re-entry, and constant document collection. Not with our software. Loan officers enter information once and use it throughout origination. Our integrated Abrigo platform automates lending and credit processes, streamlining work, and reducing bottlenecks so staff can focus on borrower relationships, new business, and analysis of data that’s finally all in one place.

Better for Borrowers

Meet the convenience and speed expectations of your customers with improved technology.

Increased Efficiency

Use a single point of data entry, workflows, and notifications to make loans faster.

Enable Scalability

Increase your staff’s throughput by making the life of a loan easier to manage.

Drive Profitability

Measure and improve customer and relationship profitability.

Achieve Accuracy

Accurately spread loans and calculate ratios with global cash flow analysis.

Improve Consistency

Ensure consistency in documentation and decisioning across your institution.

Millennium Bank saw a 54% increase in loan volume.

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Special Assets Management Solution

Consistent, Efficient Workouts

Special assets management and loan workouts can be time- and resource-intensive and increase risk with inconsistency, errors, and assumptions in calculations. With COVID-19, regulatory scrutiny related to the TDR decision process and documentation is likely to increase. Abrigo helps institutions ensure a consistent and repeatable process.

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