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Under Pressure – Video Episode 1: Inflation, Rate Hikes, and Deposit Activity

Current Market Conditions & What Lies Ahead

Under Pressure - Episode 1

We face a multitude of challenges in today's world. To name a few: a pandemic that we hope is waning, unprecedented government monetary intervention, a strong recovery after a deep global recession, soaring inflation, a war in Ukraine, and expected hikes in market interest rates.

In this episode, Rob Newberry guides a discussion with Dave Koch and Darryl Mataya as they cover the market's response to the first rate hike, deposit activities, and what to expect in the coming months.

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About the Video Series

Under Pressure: Banker's Risk Management Series

Under Pressure is a series of short videos that provides an open forum for Abrigo experts to discuss financial risks, data analytics, and regulatory market topics in light of current events. Join us every month to hear new insights from our risk management professionals, stay up to date on industry trends, and learn how to effectively manage risk and drive growth.

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“That’s what I’m getting with the model and the people behind the model. The ability to more efficiently manage risk. So that falls into the priceless category, right?”

David Kramb, Executive Vice President

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