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CECL – Accounting for Acquired Loans

Adoption of CECL (ASC 326) will have a significant operational and financial statement impact on institutions with acquired loan portfolios. A solid understanding of the accounting changes will result in an improvement to current treatment, transition planning, vendor/model selection and go-forward day 1 decisions.

Watch to learn:

  • Non-PCI/PCD – how to transition
  • Non-PCIPCD – post-implementation considerations
  • PCI/PCD – how to transition
  • PCI/PCD – ALLL vs. Impairment
  • PCI/PCD – Accretion under 310-30 (PCI) vs. PCD


Meet Your Presenter

Neekis Hammond, CPA

Vice President, Advisory Services
Neekis Hammond has amassed a wealth of knowledge on ALLL, CECL preparation and methodologies, and various portfolio analysis and risk topics. Prior to his consulting work, he worked on acquisitions up to $2 billion in size at a multi-billion-dollar financial institution.

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