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If you search for “process improvement” on Amazon and limit results to hardcover books, you’ll get over 800 results. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to go about improving your process, especially when commercial lending has some special considerations.

Join Alison Trapp, Director of Client Education, as she walks through the common steps of a process improvement system and applies them to a case study. The case study client, Goose Bank, may be fictional, but the challenges it faces are not.

Watch to learn:

  • An approach to working through process improvement
  • Tools for analyzing a process concern
  • Ways to monitor process improvements


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About the Presenter
Alison Trapp
Alison Trapp, Director of Client Education
Alison Trapp recently moved to Sageworks implementation team to focus on managing the client education experience. Previously, she provided consulting services with Sageworks Advisory Services. Prior to joining Sageworks, Alison spent 17 years on the commercial credit risk team at GE Capital and then trained mid-sized commercial banks through her own consultancy. Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from Ursinus College and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Stern School of Business, New York University.