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Webinar: Enterprise Risk Management – Hosted by CBANC

Webinar: Enterprise Risk Management – Hosted by CBANC

Enterprise Risk Management

What do you need for a strong Enterprise Risk Management program?

Risk management is fundamental to the business of banking. Failing to institute a strong risk management structure is considered unsafe and unsound conduct. As such, risk management is the main focus of your examiners. Learn what examiners are looking for within your institution to demonstrate strong risk management practices throughout the enterprise. As always, one size does not fit all – while the basic requirements are the same, examiners expect more sophistication for larger, more complex institutions. We will also discuss how to ensure your risk management structure is evolving and growing parallel with your institution’s growth.

In this webinar, Jessica Caballero, CRCM, discusses: 

  • What makes a strong enterprise risk management program and what required elements must be in place.
  • What key management information systems are key to mitigating certain risks.
  • What quality indicators examiners quickly notice that may heavily drive your RAS ratings.





Meet Your Presenter

Jessica Caballero

Jessica Caballero, CRCM
Senior Risk Management Consultant, Banker’s Toolbox

Jessica Caballero is a former OCC Examiner with a focus in the Bank Secrecy Act and consumer compliance regulations. She started her career at a large community bank before joining the OCC. As an examiner, she was responsible for examining all functional areas including asset quality, consumer compliance, capital markets, and information technology for financial institutions of varying risk profiles and asset size. After her years as an examiner, she worked as a Bank Secrecy Act Officer at a small commercial bank. Before joining Banker’s Toolbox, Jessica was a compliance consultant with a boutique consulting firm assisting community banks with the implementation of Dodd-Frank. She assisted banks with the risk assessment process, policy creation, and the overall implementation of a comprehensive compliance management program.