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Abrigo and Mitek Partnership

Advanced Fraud Detection for Financial Institutions

Check fraud is on the rise

Protect your institution

Check fraud is one of the most prevalent and costly forms of fraud affecting financial institutions today. According to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), check fraud suspicious activity report (SAR) filings increased 94% over 2021, exceeding 680,000 in 2022.

Joining forces to protect FIs

As fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated methods to create counterfeit checks, alter legitimate checks, or forge signatures, financial institutions need more robust and reliable tools to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. This is why Abrigo and Mitek are strategically partnering to deliver unparalleled security and safeguard financial institutions from evolving threats.

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Benefits for Institutions

By partnering, Abrigo and Mitek will enable a wider range of financial institutions to leverage Mitek’s advanced fraud prevention solutions to:

Reduce financial losses

Build customer trust

Improve efficiency and productivity

Detect fraud faster

Leverage the power of AI and computer vision

Keep check fraud in check

Protect your institution and customers

Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender uses patented imaging science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze checks from all channels to reduce losses related to check fraud. The Abrigo and Mitek partnership will pave the way for product integration, enabling a wider range of financial institutions to leverage Mitek’s advanced fraud prevention solutions to protect their institutions and customers. General availability will be announced to clients in early 2024.  

Prevent fraudulent activities and drastically reduce fraud losses

“The sophistication of fraud and synthetic checks has never been more concerning. With this partnership, Abrigo’s customers will have access to Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender to prevent fraudulent activities and drastically reduce fraud losses.” 

Michael Diamond

Senior Vice President and General Manager


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