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AML resources & industry insights

BSA toolkit
Best practices for AML compliance

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Bank Secrecy Act tools and AML best practices

Anti-money laundering resources to ensure compliance in your AML/CFT program

Running an AML/CFT program is no easy feat. BSA Officers wear multiple hats. They are charged with keeping their institutions safe and compliant, which requires staying on top of regulations and trends. Abrigo's library of resources for BSA Officers and AML compliance teams can help. 

Managing a successful AML program with Abrigo

Working with Abrigo is a true partnership. Abrigo stays on top of industry trends, responds to changes in the financial crime space, and gives you tools to strengthen your AML/CFT program. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your BSA role or an experienced pro, Abrigo can help you navigate industry requirements and protect your institution with ease. If you’re stressed out by staffing concerns, preparing for an exam, need a new system, or just a better understanding of what law enforcement is looking for, Abrigo has the AML resources you are looking for. 

“Abrigo is a company that listens to their customers and improves their product to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of BSA/AML.”

Chad Winker, Mid-Country Bank

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Free BSA Officer resources

Tools, tips and tricks for AML compliance

Sometimes the hardest part of using resources is tracking down the ones applicable to you. Abrigo provides industry responses, downloadable resources, and best practices for AML compliance in your AML/CFT program.

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AML compliance best practices

Tools to help you with board reporting, law enforcement regulations, and data-driven decision-making.




7 Fraud and AML reports institutions need

Reporting to the board on AML and fraud compliance is a vital aspect of the AML program. Abrigo summarizes types of reports that your board is looking for. READ >

ebook & Guide

How to run an AML/CFT program

Part 1: Review of risk-based AML/CFT programs, the FFIEC Exam Manual, and risk assessments.


Part 2: Review of suspicious activity monitoring and reporting, risk assessments, and sanctions compliance.



Risk assessment checklist

To meet regulatory requirements, financial institutions need to have a risk-based AML/CFT compliance program. Download this to identify tips, areas of consideration, and how to identify risk categories.



How to conduct an exam-proof BSA/AML risk assessment

Learn best practices for creating and conducting a risk assessment. READ >

FinCEN's AML/CFT priorities: A risk assessment perspective

A guide to evaluating each FinCEN priority and how you can address them in your risk assessment. READ >


Staffing calculator

Assess your institution's current workload and see if you have enough coverage for all your tasks 

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6 ways to plan for staffing needs

Change is imminent, but that doesn’t mean your AML program has to suffer. Keep reading for tips to keep your AML program running smoothly.   READ >

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How to identify and communicate AML staffing needs

Understand how to analyze current work volumes thoroughly and accurately to plan for current needs and future growth.


Success story

Reduce staff needs with SAMS

Learn how a high-functioning NY-based BSA team bridged the gap with experienced, CAMS-certified professionals using SAMS (suspicious activity monitoring services) without hiring additional staff.

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SAR writing checklist

SAR writing is technical and crucial. Download the checklist to see the essential elements of each SAR, how to build a compelling narrative, and other critical details.


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Writing SARs for law enforcement

Learn how to craft a SAR narrative that tells a story law enforcement will want to read. 


"When it comes down to it, it's good software, it's good people,
it's the whole package."

Ryne Cornacchia, Manager of Risk Services

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Partner with Abrigo to stop financial crime

Making your job easier
while making sure the institution is compliant

When it comes to your AML/CFT program there's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Abrigo solutions were built with BSA officers and compliance staff in mind. It's our job to make sure you have all the solutions and AML resources you need to be successful.

AML/CFT software

BAM+ adjusts to your specific needs to better detect, manage, and resolve suspicious financial activity, giving you a powerful AML software. With BAM+, you get end-to-end AML case management, scenario analysis, fraud, OFAC and watchlist screening, PEP scanning, front-line reporting of questionable activity, customer due diligence, and direct-file CTRs and SARs. Abrigo’s AML software is more than just detection; it helps fight financial crime.

AML insights

Abrigo Connect allows you to access curated insights for your specific customer base and sources of risk. Streamline your financial crime intelligence with in-depth analysis on alerts, cases, SARs, CTRs, transaction volumes, and more  

Get answers to many questions, including:  

  • What are the alert-to-case and SAR ratios for my analysts? 
  • What factors are contributing the most to the high-risk ratings for my customers? 
  • How do my SAR volumes compare to other banks in my state?  

AML experts

Abrigo AML Consulting is run by in-house experts who can provide AML resources to your program. Our former BSA officers and compliance bankers can help you stay on top of AML compliance and will identify solutions that fit your needs.  

Get help with the following: 

  • AML staffing assistance
  • Program & procedure support
  • Software optimization
  • Quality control

"BAM+ is a partnership.
It's an environment where we feel like we have a voice."

Martha Alcala, SVP BSA Officer

Abrigo is here to help

The AML tools and support you've been looking for.

Abrigo offers all the best practices for AML compliance through resources, tools, and extended education and training. In addition, we have leading AML software and services that can support your AML/CFT program for success. It's our mission to help make the job of BSA Officers and AML professionals easier, which is why we strive to be your partner rather than simply a vendor.