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AML Staffing Calculator: Understand Your AML Resources

Staffing Calculator Instructions

AML Staffing Calculator

Input the volume and time spent on activities within your AML compliance program and get a rough estimate of how many individuals are needed to ensure adequate coverage for all duties.

Step 1

Enter the average volume of each activity conducted each month in your BSA/AML department, such as the number of alerts or cases for review.

Step 2

Enter the average number of minutes per single activity. For example, how long it takes to clear one alert or review one case.

Some tasks related to suspicious activity monitoring are completed only once per year. For these activities, divide total time needed by 12 to estimate monthly minutes per activity.

Step 3

View the total hours per month spent on activities and number of full time employees (FTEs) required to complete the tasks of your AML compliance program. You may be surprised by the needs for your unique AML team.

Note: 90% Utilization Rate means 36 productive hours/week. 

Get The Extra Help You Need

Regulators must be confident that you are sufficiently staffed with the correct number and experience level of staff. 

Whether you're ready for a robust version of a staffing assessment to analyze your organization's resources or need of short- or long-term help with suspicious activity monitoring, we're here to help.

Get in touch today to see how our advisory services team can provide the support you need.


Abrigo's experts can help:

  • Review alerts, work cases, and prepare SARs to alleviate day-to-day operational challenges
  • Perform a comprehensive staffing assessment to ensure your team is set up to work as efficiently as possible
  • Assess and strengthen your program to give you more confidence heading into your audits and exams

“Working with Abrigo’s Advisory Services team gives me time to focus on other BSA projects that strengthen our program. We have confidence in knowing the alerts are being worked through in a timely and thorough manner.”

Davreen Dixon, JD, CAMS | Senior BSA Analyst, Capital Bank

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Our experts act as an extension of your AML Department and can help your institution regardless of who your current software or program management provider is. Learn how Abrigo is here to offer support with a variety of services that alleviate resource constraints, respond to regulatory feedback, and satisfy examiner expectations.


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