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Asset/Liability Management Advisory Services
Dedicated ALM Advisors to help with your
Financial Risk Analysis

Interest rate risk reporting is crucial to making good management decisions and meeting regulatory requirements. Our team of advisors will run your Farin Foresight model, provide in-depth reports and help you understand the results.  Let us handle the details, so you can concentrate on enhancing your institution’s performance.


Guidance for Success
Advisory supported by the Farin Foresight™ Model
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Income at Risk and Market Value

Optimize your asset/liability model’s analysis results and decision making by using account level data and interest rate projections.

Assess Risk Exposure

Utilize the model’s robust analysis capabilities to fully understand potential risk areas and test alternative scenarios.

Advisory Reviews

Fully utilize Abrigo’s resources to assist with understanding the results, making better decisions and using the tool to drive more profitability.

“What-if” Analysis and Stress Testing

Make use of the model’s in-depth analytical resources to test business plans and measure the results. Keep ahead of regulatory expectations and improve management decisions

Liquidity Risk Assessment & Analysis

A critical ALCO measurement included as part of the asset/liability management model solution. Improves efficiencies in evaluating a key ALCO and regulatory benchmark.

FARIN Foresight ALM Model Software

Abrigo’s in-house asset/liability management model. Designed for institutions wanting complete control of the ALM process. Supported by Abrigo’s Advisors

Capital Planning Guidance

We are informed and thoroughly understand existing and pending regulatory expectations. We guide you painlessly through the crucial Capital Planning and implementation process.

Effective Loan Pricing

Stay competitive and maintain profitable margins by getting loan pricing strategies, policies and programming. Experts examine institution’s ability to fund loans affordably.

Deposit Pricing Strategies

Get written recommendations to help you take advantage of your analysis, enhancing the value of your institution’s non-maturity deposit sector, improving pricing betas and reducing funding costs.

If you have a financial risk management issue, we have a solution.
Utilize our expertise to make big things happen.
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We've got your ALM Back
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  • FARIN Foresight Model Build Out

    We build out your data into Farin Foresight with your involvement.

  • Data Updates

    Loading monthly cash flow files and base model updates to prepare for the reporting process 

  • Report Production

    We produce agreed upon reporting for electronic download and runs “What-if” scenarios. 

  • On Going Training & Support

    Customized training available via in person or web based.

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