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Valuant is now Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth

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DiCOM Software is now part of Abrigo, giving you a single source to Manage Risk and Drive Growth. Make yourself at home – we hope you enjoy your new web experience.

TPG Software is now part of Abrigo

Streamline investment accounting and management processes while ensuring internal and regulatory compliance. 

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Technology Partnerships and APIs

Abrigo Product Partners

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Abrigo leverages trusted technology partners to generate even greater functionality within our market-leading lending, credit, portfolio risk and financial crime solutions. Integrating with these leading technology partners and solutions provides you a better user experience, a faster process, and a more comprehensive solution.

Abrigo Partnerships

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Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign and Abrigo integrate to allow you to prepare and send documents to your customers directly out of the Sageworks platform, speeding up the loan process for both the lender and customer.

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Business Credit Reports

With BCR’s integration, Abrigo allows you to pull multi-bureau credit reports featuring trade data from market leaders directly without leaving the software, which enables the institution to quickly decide on credit worthy borrowers.

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Charm Solutions

Abrigo has partnered with Charm Solutions to offer a seamless AI powered SMB lending decision engine that is embedded into the Abrigo loan origination platform and provides real-time scorecards which include a loan risk rating score, probability of default, and details of how the score was calculated. Using Charm’s dynamic models along with existing processes, institutions can improve their decision-making by incorporating an array of data sources and leveraging analytics to gain actionable insights.  

Derivative Path

Abrigo and Derivative Path have integrated to help originate customer swaps and drive non-interest income for institutions. The derivative trading program allows institutions to have a better visibility into prospective and existing loans which will help drive more swap opportunities.

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Abrigo and DocuSign integrate to allow lenders to prepare and send documents to customers for electronic signatures, allowing the institution and customer to efficiently and quickly book and fund loans faster.

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Abrigo and Encapture have partnered together to make spreading tax documents a seamless process. Institutions can easily upload any file type of a tax document and automatically spread it, leveraging OCR technology, into the system, eliminating unnecessary manual inputs and increasing time to approval.   

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Abrigo and Equifax have partnered together to give customers a seamless experience for pulling credit reports from the Sageworks platform. The Equifax credit report will give your lenders a full picture of their borrower and ensure credit worthiness. Customers can pull consumer and business credit reports.

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Factual Data

Abrigo and Factual Data have partnered together to offer a seamless way for lenders to access credit reports from multiple bureaus, as well as data on liens and judgments — all from within the Sageworks platform. With increased efficiency in loan application analysis, lenders will gain the ability to close loans more quickly and with fewer errors.

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To ensure that your customers are credit worthy borrowers FICO and Abrigo partner together to provide institutions the ability to pull FICO SBSS scores from the Sageworks customer profile.  

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The Sageworks LOS is integrated with LaserPro Fusion Fabric API, allowing lenders to send approved loan, party, and collateral data to LaserPro to produce compliant loan closing documentation within the Sageworks platform 

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FUND Score Franchise Data API

In order to have a seamless underwriting process, Abrigo and FRANdata have partnered to provide institutions the ability to look up franchise credit scores (FUND scores) and other franchise underwriting data with the Sageworks platform.

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G.C. Engineering Flood Services

Within the Sageworks platform GC Engineering gives institutions the ability to order and integrate flood zone determination and reports directly within Sageworks.  

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Abrigo and have partnered together to help institutions determine geocode information from the Census Bureau for businesses and people, including MSA, Tract, county codes, and grid coordinates during the underwriting process. 

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Global DMS

Global DMS and Abrigo seamlessly integrate in the underwriting process to allow institutions to order appraisals directly from loan origination data in Sageworks. 

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Abrigo and IDology work together to verify customer identity prior to application submission in support of fraud prevention.  

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J.D. Power

J.D. Power is integrated into the Sageworks platform to allow financial institutions to pull collateral valuations for vehicles.  

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Abrigo and LenderLink have seamlessly integrated to allow financial institutions to board loans directly to the core, eliminating extra steps in the loan process.

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Partnering with Mitek, a global leader in mobile deposit identity verification and fraud prevention, Abrigo strengthens its commitment to safeguarding community financial institutions against various financial crimes, notably check fraud. 

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Kinective and the Sageworks platform seamlessly integrate to provide loan and deposit boarding back to the institution's core, eliminating unnecessary steps in the loan process

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OFAC is seamlessly integrated within the Sageworks platform, allowing users to search the Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals list to determine borrower good standing.

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Abrigo and Plaid seamlessly integrate to allow borrowers to provide account balance information directly from their online banking provider, making it easy for the institution to quickly assess a loan application. 

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Abrigo and Prelim have partnered together to automate the onboarding of deposit accounts and integrate with Sageworks LOS, an institution’s existing core and other solutions. 

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Q6 Cyber

Q6 Cyber arms Abrigo customers with tools to monitor the Digital Underground for cyber fraud, compromised credentials, and more to prevent losses. 

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Abrigo and RouteOne have partnered to give financial institutions the ability to receive and bid on automobile loan applications directly from dealerships.  

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Small Business Administration

Abrigo and the SBA partner to ensure that approved loan data from Sageworks can be directly sent to the SBA through the E-Tran integration, allowing the SBA team to make decisions fast.

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To help institutions establish a strong pipeline, Trepp and Abrigo have partnered together to allow institutions to filter loans on various criteria and better inform institutions’ go-to-market strategies to support business development. 

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Abrigo and TruStage have partnered together making it easy for lenders to send approved loan collateral data to TruStage to produce compliant loan closing documentation within the Sageworks platform.

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Abrigo has teamed with Validis to eliminate the burden of manual data entry within Sageworks. With Validis, banks can access borrower's General Ledger data to make informed loan decisions easier and faster

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Abrigo has partnered with ValuTrac to give institutions the ability to order appraisals directly from their loan origination data in Sageworks during the underwriting process.  

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Vertical IQ

Together, Abrigo and Vertical IQ help manage risk effectively and pave the way for more comprehensive credit decisions as a whole. The solutions work in sync to provide specialized industry insights and financial benchmarks right at your fingertips  enabling you to streamline the lending process, save hours of time and research, and engage with customers on a deeper level. 

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Wolters Kluwer

Within the underwriting process, Wolters Kluwer and Abrigo have partnered to allow institutions to search UCC records for given customers and collateral, and to file UCC liens. 

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Xactus and Abrigo have partnered together to deliver what institutions need for fast and reliable credit reporting. Lenders are able to digitally verify prospective borrowers, their credit, and their assets quickly and accurately.

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