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Optimize Risk for the Financial Institution

Portfolio Risk Software

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Portfolio Risk Management Solution
Your risks are interconnected. Make better decisions when your data, assumptions, and systems are, too.

Integrated Portfolio Risk Management 

Working in silos for financial risk activities is costly and time-consuming. With our Portfolio Risk Solution, you can manage portfolio-wide risk automatically. One-time data entry and robust frameworks make it easy to gain maximum insight and efficiency by connecting stress testing, calculating expected credit losses, economic forecasting, budgeting, asset/liability modeling, and more. 

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Financial Performance Optimization

Report on portfolio health with a single click.

abrigo stress testing

Stress Testing

Identify risk in portfolios, concentrations, and borrower relationships for improved strategic planning and capital management.

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CECL Software

Transition to CECL with software that offers documentation, confidence for exams, and time savings.

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abrigo peer analysis

ALM Software

Make better strategic decisions with an ALM tool designed for dynamic modeling that provides a 360-degree view of your opportunities and risk.

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The only CECL software endorsed by the American Bankers Association

Navigate ALLL compliance under the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Accounting Standards Update, Topic 326, and have a seamless transition to CECL. 

“I feel much better already, having something that I have no issues with and that I’m confident in –
I’m glad I’m in early
. Plus, I know the auditors like the application.”

- Valerie Pimenta, SVP & CFO, Pawtucket Credit Union

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Advantages of Portfolio Risk Software & CECL Solutions

Better decision-making for the institution

Integrated portfolio risk management processes benefit both end users – finance, credit, or risk teams – and financial institution executives. Consistent assumptions and data sources make CECL implementation and adoption easier and please examinersThe unified system’s additive reporting capabilities enable quicker strategic decisions. 

Benefits from One System

Better Visibility 
Report on portfolio health in a single place, and streamline disclosures and backtesting. 

By automating portfolio risk functions in a single vendor, models are consistent and easier to audit. 

"If there’s one thing that I can say about Abrigo, it’s that they have taken the complications out of it."

- Andrew Reid, EVP and Chief Credit Officer, Bank of San Antonio

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Achieve more value from portfolio risk software.

Consulting Services

Alongside technology, Abrigo offers an experienced in-house risk management consulting team. With former auditors, bankers, and regulators among our consultants, Abrigo can support CECL transitions, valuation work, outsourced modeling, ALM, stress testing, and more. Advisors can help banks and credit unions proactively monitor risk and identify trouble spots, and will work to lighten the regulatory load on institutions. 


Resources on Portfolio Risk and CECL

Capital Planning Guide

Review the goals of capital planning and how to develop a complete and effective capital plan.

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Stress Testing & CECL

Learn how credit models for CECL can be used to perform capital stress tests and more.

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Abrigo Document

Top 10 CECL Lessons

Advisory experts describe important findings from working with institutions to implement CECL.

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Banker’s Toolbox is now Abrigo, giving you a single source for all your enterprise risk management needs. Use the login button here, or the link in the top navigation, to log in to Banker’s Toolbox Community Online.

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