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Best Practices, Definitions, and Tips for Credit Analysts

Credit Risk Resources

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Credit Risk Training and Tools

A Guide for Credit Professionals

Learning the fundamentals of credit analysis is key to ensuring a sound portfolio. Whether it's loan grading, global cash flow, credit memo, or key ratios it is important to have a wide range of understanding.

Resources and Trainings Include

This resource page is meant to give you and your credit team the tools and credit risk training needed to keep up-to-date on key credit risk topics. While the numbers don’t change, the accompanying analysis and policies can change based on economic conditions, technology adoption, and new talent. We are here to help you navigate it all.  

  • Understanding the importance of global cash flow 
  • Creating an effective credit presentation 
  • Skills needed to be an high-performing analyst 
  • Identifying potential credit weaknesses through loan grading 
  • And more 

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Support for your Credit Analysis Team

Learn credit risk management strategies
and best practices.

Credit Analysis Basics

Commercial credit analysis can introduce many complexities into the banking organization, including additional underwriting standards, new financial data to collect and interpret, complex relationships and commingled incomes, and increased regulatory scrutiny. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to cover the foundation of credit analysis, including key data points, data analysis strategies, and best practices on benchmarking and automation.  

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Dive Deeper into the Basics of Credit Analysis

Abrigo Blog

Managing Credit Risk in Recession
Despite the unique credit environment this recession has created, there are several key credit risk best practices that institutions can fall back on.

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Quantifying the 5 Cs of Credit
Take a look at the metrics most often used by analysts to quantify the 5 C’s of credit – capacity, capital, conditions, collateral, and character.

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Loan Grading 101
Accurate and timely loan grading is critical for any loan review system. Understand the variables for FIs to consider when determining a loan’s risk.

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Writing Effective Credit Memos
Explore the key characteristics that make strong memos, and how software can improve efficiency.

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“During our exit interview with the OCC, the examiners were very complimentary of our loan packages and depth of analysis. It was a great testimonial to Abrigo.”

Tracy Hayden, Chief Credit Officer & SVP at BankSouth

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Master These Important Areas of Credit Analysis

Pursue a deeper understanding of credit risk and master these other important areas of credit analysis.

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Loan Grading 101

Financial institutions must develop a sophisticaed grading system to protect them from risk.

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Definitive Guide to GCF

Understand the biggest obstacles credit analysts face with global cash flow and learn how to avoid. 

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Common Credit Missteps

Learn how to avoid common commercial credit mistakes using this handy checklist. 

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Loan Administration 101

Discover how effective loan admin is crucial in the pandemic era for a thriving institution. 

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Guide for Credit Policy

This paper discusses the overall credit policy framework and ways to ensure your credit team understands it.  

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Writing Effective Credit Memos

Lending and credit staff frequently seek tips for writing better credit presentations, here are a few. 

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Credit Analysis Ratios That Matter

Look at the metrics most often used by analysts to quantify the 5 Cs of credit. 

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Commercial Risk Rating Considerations

Developing a strong risk rating process is among the most important credit risk management functions. 

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Dangers of Deficient Loan Admin

Learn how financial institutions can prevent asset quality deterioration through an effective administration process.

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Maximizing Value of GCF

Explore global cash flow analysis and learn how it can help an institution reduce borrower risk.

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Loan Grading: A to Z

Get advice on incorporating the 5 C's into your loan grade and how to select an appropriate grading scale.

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Commercial Credit Red Flags

Despite the uncharted waters, there are several credit risk best practices that institutions can follow.   

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Effective and Efficient Credit Memos

Explore the key characteristics that make strong memos, and how software can improve efficiency. 

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Global Cash Flow Analysis: What, When, Why, and How

Uncover concrete ways to improve the risk rating process at your financial institution. 

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4 Traits of a Strong Credit Analyst

Credit analysts play a critical role in the success of their financial institutions’ credit risk functions. 

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Ask Analysts These Questions to Optimize Deal Flow

Ask your credit analysts these questions to help get to the bottom of issues that may be reducing efficiency.

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Obstacles to an Effective Loan Review

Understand how resource constraints and information challenges can seriously hinder loan review.

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A Strong Loan Review System is Good for Business

Understand how effective credit risk review promotes lending agility and supports business goals. 

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Commercial Credit Analysis 101: Back to Basics

Learn the foundations of credit analysis, including key data analysis strategies and best practices. 

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Managing Credit Risk in a Recession

Looking to grow while also effectively managing credit risk? Examine these best practices.   

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Effective Loan Review

How can your institution set up the loan review function to satisfy regulatory pressure but also help with decision making?

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How to Maximize the Value

Learn why the extra time spent on global cash flow analysis is worth the effort and time spent.  

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Credit Risk in Recession

Despite the uncharted waters, there are several credit risk best practices that institutions can follow.   

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Basics of Commercial Credit Analysis

Commercial credit analysis can introduce many complexities, learn the best practices needed to navigate.  

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"Abrigo’s global analysis ensures accuracy, and the narrative reports provide time-savings and consistency.
Our examiners have commented that they like the uniformity our software solution provides to our credit analysis.”

Kevin Atwood, Executive Vice President, Bank of Cadiz and Trust Company

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