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Presenter: Alison Trapp

Risk rating is a way to ensure institutions are originating and renewing loans in a safe and sound manner. Timely and accurate risk ratings are not only a regulatory expectation but also good business practice. Institutions should benefit from this expectation, as aligning processes to risk rating can impact their financial performance and human resource efficiency.

Join Alison Trapp, Director of Client Education, as she provides concrete ways to improve the risk rating process at your financial institution.

You Will Learn:

  • Considerations for incorporating qualitative and quantative factors in a rating scorecard
  • Recommendations on policy and controls for risk rating assignment
  • Ways to use risk rating to manage the portfolio more effectively

Meet Your Presenter

Alison Trapp

Vice President of Implementation
Alison Trapp, Vice President of Implementation, leads the project management, implementation consulting, and client education teams focused on Abrigo’s lending & credit and portfolio risk product lines. After spending nearly 20 years in financial services, primarily on the commercial credit risk team of GE Capital, she joined Sageworks in 2017.

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