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MST Introduces Advisory Services

November 3, 2016
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Before beginning any project, it’s best to have a plan, a blueprint outlining steps and allowing you to envision the process and outcome. Making the transition from ALLL to CECL is undoubtedly a major undertaking for all financial institutions. 

In an effort to help our clients through the transition, MST has formalized its advisory services division and with a staff of former regulators, CPAs, bankers, and strategic alliances with industry professionals throughout the country, MST provides a comprehensive set of ALLL & CECL advisory services.  These include data considerations, methodology design, validation, environmental factor determination, loan loss migration, examination assistance, and full CECL Blueprint development – a multiyear implementation strategy (blueprint) with identified project communication strategies and milestones including:

  • Data Audit
  • Gap Analysis
  • Methodology Options/Recommendations
  • Implementation of CECL method(s)

The MST Advisory leadership team checks all the CECL boxes representing expertise in accounting, modeling, economics, and software engineering and combined 100 years in the industry.

To begin your CECL Blueprint Development now and obtain other assistance to comply with the new CECL standard, contact Natalie Crawford, Strategic Solutions Consultant.

Natalie Crawford

[email protected]

877-910-9789 ext. 213

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