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Every financial institution has a defined set of goals focused around earnings, growth, capital, or a mix of things. To reach these goals, it is crucial to put together a thought-out and achievable plan that matches the talents of the institution. This whitepaper outlines regulatory capital and risk-based capital standards, as well as how capital planning and management can impact a financial institution’s ability to meet its goals.

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This resource is part of the series: ALM 101: Introduction to Asset/Liability Management.

Financial institutions face various challenges, from the macro-economic environment to institution-specific issues related to meeting their goals and fighting financial crime. Nearly 70 experts in lending, credit, portfolio risk, financial crime, investing, and technology recently shared their views on what’s to come for the remainder of this year and how bankers can best pivot to serve their customers or members, their communities, and their shareholders.

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As digital currency becomes more mainstream, financial institutions worldwide are increasingly embracing cryptocurrency blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency’s exponential growth and rising prominence make a baseline understanding of the technology behind these coins a must in the finance industry. But unless you were an early adopter of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the history, terms, and concepts involved in the trade of these coins can feel overwhelming.

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Watch our on-demand webinar, Crypto in Financial Institutions – How to Detect Suspicious Activity within your Investigation

Since issuing the accounting standards update for the current expected credit loss (CECL) model in 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has continued to respond to feedback. In its latest response, the board recently issued updated accounting guidance that eliminates the troubled debt restructuring (TDR) designation for CECL. It also added enhanced disclosure requirements for public business entities related to gross charge offs.

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In a recent American Bankers Association webinar, two Abrigo clients shared their implementation strategies and advice for financial institutions who have yet to adopt the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard. The two banks vary in asset size, which in turn affects how they approached the transition to CECL and their implementation strategy for the 2023 deadline. This whitepaper reports the best practices and CECL transition guidance shared by the two bankers during the ABA panel webinar.

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Financial institutions of all sizes face increased uncertainty in the current environment. Stress testing can be a prudent way for a bank or credit union to identify its key vulnerabilities to market forces and assess how to manage those risks effectively should they emerge. In this whitepaper, uncover how stress testing can help financial institutions manage capital levels and credit risk.


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While providing financial services to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) can be risky, it can also be advantageous. There is a substantial need for financial services by the cannabis industry, and there is a significant opportunity for banks and credit unions who choose to work with CRBs. It requires financial institutions to understand the industry’s nuances, closely monitor ongoing guidance and regulation changes, adequately safeguard the institution, and train staff accordingly. Even if cannabis is not legal in the financial institution’s state, customers in neighboring states still pose a risk. As more states continue legalizing cannabis, the onus is on financial institutions to complete thorough due diligence and know the members that cross state lines for services.

Ultimately, it is at the discretion of each financial institution on how they want to handle banking these businesses, knowing the state and federal laws. Understand the risks and learn how to stay compliant while banking CRBs.

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Providing financial services to cannabis-related businesses can feel like navigating through a haze of constantly changing regulations. View on our-demand webinar, Navigating Regulatory Haze: Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses and Managing Risk for additional insight on how to manage regulatory compliance and maintain a risk-based program.

Fraudulent new account applications by cybercriminals and fraudsters have been surging for quite some time. Through identity theft or synthetic identities (combinations of fictitious and real information, such as name, SSN, and other PII to create new identities), threat actors are applying for new accounts at record levels. This trend has partly been driven by the proliferation of compromised PII and financial account information circulating in the Dark Web, and by Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and SBA PPP fraud, which have been extremely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. This whitepaper takes a look “behind the scenes” to understand how threat actors create new accounts at scale.

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Q6 Cyber’s cutting-edge technology monitors the “Digital Underground” – a vast universe of online sites, marketplaces, communities, and forums where cybercriminals live – to proactively identify and contain emerging threats for your institution. Learn more about Q6 Cyber and Abrigo.

Curious about the latest tactics and tools and highlight noteworthy recent shifts in the underground cybercriminal ecosystem? View our webinar, Cybercriminals, Fraudsters, and the Dark Web – What to Watch for in 2022.

Financial institutions still face a multitude of challenges related to COVID-19, inflation, labor shortages, supply-side disruptions, and the list goes on. These factors also have a tremendous impact on how financial institutions approach asset/liability management (ALM) in 2022. This whitepaper offers five concrete suggestions for ALM best practices to achieve increased profitability while minimizing inherent risk.

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The topic of inflation and rate hikes is almost impossible to avoid these days. Most financial institutions believe that interest rates rising will provide opportunities for higher yields, however, will this translate into improved margins? This whitepaper expands upon the expectations vs. realities for rising rate cycles and offers approaches financial institutions can consider for stronger results.

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