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Guidance to Handle Coronavirus Impacts

Abrigo's Advisory Services Support

Customized Services to Meet You Where You Are

Balance Sheet Planning, Liquidity Insights and Pricing Strategies

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Flexible Engagements with Abrigo

To support financial institutions in identifying and successfully navigating through the unprecedented challenges and opportunities introduced with the current global pandemic, Abrigo’s team of experts is offering a fixed block of hours of advisory services that are structured and sized to meet a specific institution’s objectives. These hours offer timely and flexible support to one or multiple needs arising in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Fixed Blocks of Hours

Abrigo's Services and Expertise

  • Loan/deposit pricing strategies and analysis

  • Funding analysis and strategies 

  • Liquidity management and mortgage lending compliance

  • Loan modifications/TDRs

  • Balance sheet strategies/ALM modeling

  • Allowance - methodologies, Q-factors, forecasting, etc.

  • Stress testing scenarios and portfolio analysis

  • Regulatory updates and compliance

  • Consultations on economic impacts of COVID-19

  • SBA/PPP forgiveness support and education

“Our team of experts offers our clients the support they need when they need it. Whether it’s quick clarification on a regulatory update or a more thorough liquidity or pricing strategy call, our hourly engagements offer a cost-effective, flexible option to address the varying needs of financial institutions.

Regan Camp, Managing Director, Abrigo's Advisory Services Team

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State of the Union Podcast for Community Financial Institutions

Our weekly sate of the union podcast is a series targeted to community financial institutions with episodes focusing on timely topics, such as the new PPP program, training in a new work from home set up, deposit gathering, funding and more. Session #1 will be discussing the profitability of the new PPP program and the options that exist to help fund SBA loans.

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Liquidity Risk – A Key Prong in the Banking Supply Chain

Dave explores how an improved approach to liquidity analysis can help improve profitability and inform other asset/liability risk measures while identifying a more practical approach to measuring current and future liquidity due to the coronavirus

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Abrigo Poll: Bankers Expecting a Recession for at Least 2 Quarters; Troubled Loans and Liquidity Top List of Concerns

Bankers have started to make their own assumptions about the impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on the economy and their institutions. In fact, three out of four bankers expect a recession will last at least two quarters.

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abrigo blog

Guidance on TDRs Eases Coronavirus Workout Pressures

Agreeing not to direct financial institutions to automatically categorize all COVID-19 related loan modifications as troubled debt restructurings (TDRs), and confirming with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that short-term modifications made in good faith in response to COVID-19 to borrowers who were current prior to any relief aren’t classified as TDRs.

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Navigating the Coronavirus in Lending and Credit Departments

Due to the coronavirus, Abrigo had Rob discuss the challenges facing credit/lending professionals during these unprecedented times. This Q&A discussion includes topics like refinances, credit selection, pricing, and more.

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Abrigo whitepaper

Portfolio Management in Crisis: Coronavirus Implications for Lenders

The challenge for most financial institutions will be how to quantify and document the additional risk they may face. Knowing that there are more questions than answers at this time, lenders can still take specific action during the emergent phase.

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