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Should community banks fear consolidation?

April 21, 2014
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Even amidst Community Banking Month, many of the nation’s smaller banks have rising fears that they will eventually succumb to their larger, nationwide counterparts. But the FDIC feels these fears are “overstated,” according to their recent study

To gauge the validity of the FDIC’s unconcern with community bankers’ worries, American Banker conducted a poll of bankers nationwide to conclude if the FDIC’s conclusion that consolidation fears are “overblown” is in fact correct.

As the poll results indicate, community bankers’ main concern with consolidation lies within the increasing regulatory burdens that they continue to face. Many of these smaller banks have inadequate capital or resources to comply with new, additional regulations that continue to be implemented.

For more information on consolidation of banks in the marketplace, download the whitepaper addressing the key question: Will Mergers & Acquisitions Continue?

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