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Navigating the CARES Act

Guidance for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program

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More than 5,000 financial institutions have participated in the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) since it launched on April 3, providing over $521 billion in funding for small businesses across the country.

Abrigo has been a leading source of information and assistance for financial institutions on the PPP, helping them as they originated loans in their communities. Abrigo also helps PPP lenders process and handle reporting on borrowers' loan forgiveness applications and submit PPP forgiveness requests to the SBA.

Helping Community Financial Institutions Throughout the Entire Life of PPP Loans

  • Originating PPP loans

  • Navigating PPP loan forgiveness

  • Submitting 1502 reports

  • Submitting PPP forgiveness requests to SBA

  • Reporting on your PPP portfolio

  • Ongoing PPP support and expertise

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Submitting PPP Forgiveness Requests to SBA & 1502 Reporting
Automate the process

Abrigo SBA Lending Solution handles PPP loans for small businesses

Community financial institution customers of Abrigo's SBA Lending Solution have handled over 137,000 loan applications through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) since April 3.

Latest Guidance
from the Treasury and SBA

“Because the information seems to be constantly changing, it’s reassuring to be working with a partner that is not only staying on top of the changes but is also collaborating with other banks to make the right solution.

Brett Dutcher, Sr. Information Technology Manager, Greenstone Farm Credit Services
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3 Steps to Participate in the Paycheck Protection Program

PPP Origination

Automate the origination process to get capital into the hands of small business owners quickly. Abrigo can digitize lending through online loan applications, E-Tran integration, e-sign capabilities, and more.

PPP Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness is a key draw to the PPP for borrowers and lenders. Accurately calculate and apply PPP forgiveness guidelines with Abrigo's automated forgiveness solution. Submit forgiveness requests to the SBA.

PPP Reporting and Administration

Where are PPP loans in the pipeline? Abrigo's reporting and administration tools enable institutions to produce specific PPP dashboards and reports, as well as generate and submit 1502 reports.

Implement Abrigo's SBA Lending Solution within 3-5 days.
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State Banking Associations Endorsements

Multiple state banking associations have endorsed Abrigo’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness and Administration solution, part of the Sageworks SBA Lending Solution, to aid their member banks in streamlining the loan forgiveness and administration process. Learn more.

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Abrigo's PPP Resources

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It was a lifesaver. We are so grateful for this system.
Deborah Barstow, Senior Vice President | Enterprise Bank & Trust

Abrigo SBA Lending Solution

Reduce inefficient, manual processes involved in the SBA lending process through the Abrigo solution. With streamlined underwriting and an E-Tran integration, our solution allows financial institutions to ramp up their SBA lending efforts to support small businesses struggling due to the coronavirus. 

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