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Collect and Store Beneficial Ownership Information

Customer Due Diligence Software

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CDD Software & BSA Enhanced Due Diligence Solution

Keep track of important CDD information
in one central location.

Customer Due Diligence is a key component of your Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and CDD/EDD procedures. Abrigo's Due Diligence Manager adapts to your current policies and procedures, giving you better peace of mind at exam time. Collect and store beneficial ownership information easily at account opening and streamline communication between the front line and back office.

A Front Line and Back Office Solution

The Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rule requires understanding the nature and purpose of a customer relationship and to conduct ongoing monitoring to maintain and update that information. Our CDD Software, Due Diligence Manager, makes it easy to stay compliant with the new regulations and streamline your CDD and enhanced due diligence (EDD) processes all in one unified system.

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Features and Functionality of Customer Due Diligence Software

Everything you need for a
strong, risk-based CDD program.

Due Diligence Manager is your one-stop-shop for all things CDD, EDD, and beneficial ownership. With detailed data visualization, end-to-end case management, automated risk rating, and expected behavior predictions, you can feel confident in your compliance with fewer clicks with our CDD software.  

Powerful Insights through Data Visualization

Data by itself is always helpful but sometimes overwhelming in its raw form. To truly harness the strength of your data to make strategic decisions, it needs to be organized and grouped for easy overview. Due Diligence Manager reporting gives you powerful insights into activity and connections that will empower your decision making. Your institution will save time and resources when utilizing Due Diligence Manager's data visualization.

Beneficial Ownership Coverage

Simplify internal processes to stay compliant and easily view beneficial ownership with our enhanced visualizations.

Risk Rating and Reviews

Automatically risk rate your portfolio with our advanced system to save time and ensure compliance.

Expected Activity

Automatically identify suspicious portfolios when activity differs from gathered due diligence information at account opening.

Case Management

Consolidate and manage your CDD process in one centralized location for better communication between the front line and back office.

Documentation and Storage

Export a snapshot of a portfolio at any point in time to feel confident knowing your data is ready for exams.

Tailored Questionnaires

Tailor your CDD questions to meet your institution’s unique needs with customized question building features.

Save time and monitor reviews in one place.

"The DDM module allows me to monitor CDD reviews without the need for an excel spreadsheet. I review all new commercial customers within days after account opening to ensure any CIP and CDD concerns are addressed right away so we do not have any issues come audit/exam time."

Brett Light, CAMS - BSA Officer, First State Bank

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Advantages of Customer Due Diligence Software

Streamline beneficial ownership compliance with our Customer Due Diligence software.

Customer Due Diligence is a key component of your Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and CDD/EDD procedures. Abrigo's Due Diligence Manager adapts to your current policies and procedures, giving you better peace of mind at exam time.


Due Diligence Manager allows you to consolidate your CDD and EDD into one easy-to-use location. Additionally, DDM will save you time by automatically risk rating your portfolios, predicting expected activity, and reducing your clicks to compliance with our due diligence one-stop shop. 


Improve your communication between the front line and the back office while keeping all of your data at your fingertips with useful visualizations and snapshots of activity. DDM can also improve your collaboration with your other branches by sharing beneficial ownership information automatically. 

Due Diligence Manager is your solution for the new CDD rule. It's going to ease your life, ease burden, and the front line staff is going to love it.

Terri Luttrell, CAMS-Audit, Compliance & Engagement Director

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Integrated Systems with Abrigo

Seamlessly integrate with BAM+ to keep important information in one secure location.

Abrigo BAM+ AML Software

Abrigo's BSA/AML Software

Your risk profile is unique, and you deserve a powerful anti-money laundering software that matches it. Due Diligence Manager connects to our comprehensive AML Software, BAM+, to better detect and resolve suspicious activity. Don’t settle for out of the box. Think bigger. 

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