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Automated Sanctions and Watchlist Screening

OFAC Screening Software

Watchlist and Sanctions Screening Software

Ensure your institution’s OFAC compliance.

Abrigo's automated sanctions and watchlist screening software is designed to keep you OFAC compliant while providing efficiency and integrity to your BSA program.

A Complete OFAC Solution

Having confidence in your sanctions screening software means knowing you are meeting regulatory expectations and your system can adapt to new guidance. Our OFAC software automates that process for you and is flexible enough to handle regulatory change.

Advantages of OFAC Screening Software for Financial Institutions

Save valuable time and money with
risk-based OFAC compliance.

Trust your program, knowing you are meeting regulatory expectations for OFAC in a consistent, uniform manner. With automatic list updates and scheduled daily scans, Abrigo watchlist screening software automates the OFAC screening process to add efficiency to your compliance program.

Streamline your OFAC compliance process. 

With automatically updating lists, you can reduce your manual work and feel comfortable with your compliance program. Keep regulators happy with a documented audit trail showing your compliance efforts and risk-based approach.

Single-Name Scanning 

Abrigo’s OFAC screening software allows users across the institution to conduct single-name scans against sanctions lists as needed.

Customized List Creation 

Users are able to create and scan against custom made lists within Abrigo’s watchlist screening software. 

Abrigo OFAC Software

Comprehensive lists and scanning

With over 25+ watchlists, you can scan against OFAC, FinCEN, EU/UK/UN sanctions, cannabis-related businesses, and more to ensure compliance, identify undetected threats, and protect your bottom line. Abrigo customers can additionally subscribe to World Leaders’ List, PEP Enhanced List, Interpol Red Notices.

Sanctions Screening for Required Compliance

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Advantages of OFAC Screening Software for Non-Financial Institutions

OFAC screening made fast and easy.

IQ AutoScan™ is a quick, efficient way for organizations across industries to ensure they aren’t servicing known or suspected threats. 


OFAC sanctions apply to all U.S. persons and that includes automobile dealers; insurance companies; casinos; healthcare companies; and others who are required to screen their customers and vendors to prevent violations. IQ AutoScan scans customers and vendor databases daily against the OFAC lists, FinCEN, EU/UK/UN sanctions lists, and other blacklists/watchlists to ensure compliance and defend your organization.  Customers can additionally subscribe to Abrigo’s World Leaders’ List, PEP Enhanced List, Interpol Red Notices.  

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