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An MIS manager’s perspective on a build vs. buy scenario with Credit Quality Solution

Credit risk management solution case study

An MIS manager's perspective on a build vs. buy scenario with Credit Quality Solution

Improving efficiency, reporting, and analytics

While each financial institution is unique, there are a number of common motivating factors that inspire clients to consider and ultimately implement an automated credit risk management solution. Some common motivators are:

  •  Process improvements and standardization 
  • Ability to facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Improved efficiency and error reduction
  • Increased scalability to accommodate portfolio growth
  • Improved reporting and analytics

With the above in mind, it’s often easy to overlook other perhaps more fundamental benefits of automation software like the Credit Quality Solution (CQS) from Abrigo (formerly DiCOM). The perspective of a Management Information Systems professional (MIS) helps us view the question through a different lens and brings other benefits into focus such as system stability and data accessibility and integrity.


The biggest game-changer for us was
being able to retire our database
solution, which was very unstable. CQS
provides a far more stable solution for
the entry of review results.
MIS manager

The challenge and result

In 2015, a large financial services organization with over $800B in assets approached DiCOM (now Abrigo) wanting to evolve from an internally developed database system to a more stable and built-for-purpose system to help improve and automate their loan review process. There were several aspects driving the organization’s need for a loan review system. First, the review team did not have a centralized tool to warehouse documents and data related to results of the loan review process beyond standard network storage. Most notably, this impacted the organization's ability to efficiently and effectively produce line cards and other historic review data for regulators. Second, the process of data extraction, transformation, and presentation from their custom-developed core system had to be manually initiated and performed separately for each loan review manager and analyst.

The use of a database system presented additional challenges. Some of the less tech-savvy analysts had difficulty working through the user interface. The organization also found the database system to be too unstable to utilize for mission-critical work.

The loan review module of CQS and its ability to directly import data from the core system and uniformly present it to the review staff has made the process of review setup far easier. Based on calculations from the client, the company is achieving a yearly reduction of 150 hours off their loan review process from this one aspect of CQS.

Credit risk management software reduces manual labor processes and saves valuable time.

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