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Ag Lending in Inflationary Times – Avoiding Another Farm Crisis

Many agricultural lenders have not experienced lending in a time where inflation is the main topic of discussion among economists. What can lenders do to prepare their customers for potential market adjustments in input costs, commodity prices, and interest rates? Should financial institutions’ ag credit policies be updated to help mitigate additional credit risk?

In this ag lending webinar, we will discuss these issues in more detail and look back to what led to the 1980 ag crisis and compare how today’s economic environment compares to the economic environment just prior to the ag crisis.

Join this session to learn:

  • What the current outlook is for the farm economy
  • How the pandemic continues to impact farm income, loan demand, and credit risk
  • What strategies financial institutions should be implementing with agriculture concentrations

Meet Your Presenter

Rob Newberry

Senior Consultant
Rob Newberry is Senior Consultant with Abrigo’s Advisory Services and a faculty member of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the past 10 years, he has worked with financial institution leaders and regulators to develop a suite of credit administration tools for community banks and

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