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Coronavirus Recovery Uncertainty: Why It’s Important to Have Dynamic ALM Modeling

An effective ALM tool can help financial institutions optimize net interest margin, assess multiple levels of risk exposure, and develop appropriate contingency funding plans for various forecasted economic environments – which is ever so critical now due to the uncertainty of coronavirus related economic recovery.

In this 30-minute webinar, Join Abrigo expert Dave Koch to learn:

  • Why a high-performing ALM solution is needed in today’s economic environment
  • The features/benefits that finance & accounting professionals should look for in a tool
  • How to use ALM modeling results to optimize financial performance and make more strategic decisions

Meet Your Presenter

Dave Koch

Director, Advisory Services
Since 1989, Dave has delivered educational programs on Asset/Liability Management and pricing topics to Federal Regulatory Agencies, national and state industry trade groups, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Corporate Credit Unions nationwide.

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