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Cybercriminals, Fraudsters, and the Dark Web – What to Watch for in 2022

The Dark Web is home to many of the fraudsters and cybercriminals targeting financial institutions. In this webinar, we will venture into the Dark Web and profile the latest trends in financial crime and cybercrime. We will showcase leading tactics and tools and highlight noteworthy recent shifts in the underground cybercriminal ecosystem. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • What are the latest trends in financial fraud and cybercrime as seen on the Digital Underground, Dark Web, and Deep Web? 
  • What tools and tactics can we expect to see from cybercriminals and fraudsters targeting FIs in 2022? 
  • How do leading financial institutions collect timely and actionable intelligence on the Dark Web to disrupt financial and cyber crimes? 

This live session is eligible for 1 credit CAMS & CFCS and 1.25 credits CAFP & CRCM.

Q6 Cyber’s cutting-edge technology monitors the “Digital Underground” – a vast universe of online sites, marketplaces, communities, and forums where cybercriminals live – to proactively identify and contain emerging threats for your institution. Learn more about Q6 Cyber and Abrigo.

Meet Your Presenter

Mara Gibor

Director of Intelligence | Q6 Cyber
Mara Gibor is the Director of Intelligence at Q6 Cyber. She has over 8 years of experience in cybersecurity and cybercrime. Prior to Q6 Cyber she worked in cyber security with the public and private sectors in Israel.

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