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Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Investigations – A DEA Perspective

In this webinar, David Tyree, United States Drug Enforcement Administration Resident Agent in Charge, will present an overview of the current trends drug trafficking organizations are using to operate in the realm of money laundering. David, a certified expert in Federal Court regarding drug money laundering, will discuss the Federal statutes related to money violations and how to articulate them to relevant partners. Join this session for recent case examples which demonstrate the high value of collaboration between law enforcement, financial investigative units, and other experts in the field to disrupt and dismantle criminal networks both domestically and abroad. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Overview of domestic/international drug trafficking and money laundering and recent trends for situational awareness 
  • Analysis of recent examples of drug money laundering investigations in Colorado/Wyoming 
  • Discussion of the high value of collaborative efforts between AML Units and law enforcement 

This live session is eligible for 1 credit CAMS & CFCS and 1.25 credits CAFP & CRCM.

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Meet Your Presenter

David A. Tyree, CAMS

Resident Agent in Charge
Special Agent David Tyree is the Resident Agent in Charge for the DEA in the State of Wyoming. Mr. Tyree has extensive experience in poly-drug investigations, long-term undercover operations, drug interdiction and is a certified in Federal Court as an expert in money laundering. He has led investigations that resulted in the seizure of over

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