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Gauge Your Institution’s Risk from Inflation: Planning Ahead with Stress Testing

With economic volatility and a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, financial institutions need to ensure they have enough capital to withstand a wide range of shocks. In this webinar, learn how your institution can gauge the impact of higher costs on the borrower’s ability to repay their loans. We will cover how your institution can apply stress to cash flows and corresponding debt-to-service coverage, as well as view different ways to stress collateral values against different loan types.

You will learn:

  • How the rising interest rate environment will affect borrower debt service coverage ratios
  • Inflation’s effect on discretionary income and borrower cash flows
  • How cap rate expectations will change going forward

Meet Your Presenter

Zach Englert

Manager, Advisory Services
Zach Englert is a Manager with the Abrigo Advisory Team, helping provide institutions with real-time solutions in the form of applicable credit risk management strategies and regulatory compliance. Zach routinely speaks at conferences and webinars covering current events and the impact on community financial institutions’ portfolios. By working with hundreds

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