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Loan Pricing: A Key Driver of Success

Is your lending team adequately competing for both high quality and profitable loans? What loan pricing factors do you consider? Are you struggling with your loan pricing formula in a changing rate environment or with how to value a customer’s deposits when making a pricing decision?  

In this session, you’ll learn how to avoid common pitfalls in loan pricing and assessing customer profitability. We will also discuss the right profitability benchmarks for decision making based on your current capital position and loan-to-deposit ratio.  

You Will Learn:  

  • How to assess the relative profitability of loans 
  • How to use the output of loan pricing models 
  • Effective loan pricing in practice

Meet Your Presenter

Dave Koch

Director, Advisory Services
Since 1989, Dave has delivered educational programs on Asset/Liability Management and pricing topics to Federal Regulatory Agencies, national and state industry trade groups, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Corporate Credit Unions nationwide.

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