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Guidance to Handle Coronavirus Impacts

Abrigo's BSA/AML Advisory Services Support

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BSA Program Advisory, Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Other Financial Crime Services

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Flexible Engagements with Abrigo

In a world where you are constantly asked to do more with less, it can be challenging to stay on top of your growing responsibilities. Sometimes you just need an extra hand or two. 

Unprecedented challenges have arose for financial institutions from the global pandemic. Abrigo’s team of experts is here to offer support during this time by offering flexible bundles of advisory services that are structured and sized to meet any needs that your institution has during this time.

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Suspicious Activity Monitoring Subscription

Abrigo’s Suspicious Activity Monitoring Services provides you with options to stay on budget and keep your confidence in your BSA/AML program. Our team of former bankers and seasoned BSA officers has over 100 years’ combined experience in BSA/AML monitoring, and can help with everything from reviewing alerts to working cases.


Offerings include:

  • Review Alerts
  • Provide Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Work Cases
  • Prepare SARs
  • Quality Control
  • Perform Lookbacks


BSA/AML Essentials Package

With the Essentials Package, our team of experts becomes part of your team. It can be used on a variety of services that alleviate resource constraints, respond to regulatory feedback, and satisfy examiner expectations. This bundle allows your to choose any two services for your institution or even custom tailor an offering to fit your needs.


Options include:

  • Program Optimization
  • Data Integrity Review
  • BSA/AML Risk Assessment
  • BSA/AML Audit
  • Gap Assessment
  • Policy and Procedures Analysis
  • Site Visit

Other Services Offered
Staffing Assessment

Enforcement Action Resolution

Policies and Procedures Review

BSA Exam Preparation

Risk Assessment

Program Integrity Review

“Working with Abrigo’s Advisory Services team gives me time to focus on other BSA projects that strengthen our program. We have confidence in knowing the alerts are being worked through in a timely and thorough manner.”

Davreen Dixon, JD, CAMS | Senior BSA Analyst

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Coronavirus and Other Related Resources

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BSA Staffing Assessments – How Much is Enough?

A proper staffing model is pivotal for the strength of your BSA/AML program and your financial institution as a whole. Hear from industry experts with over 25 years of combined experience walk through how and when to conduct staffing assessments in 2020. In this session, our experts cover how to determine the right size of your team, how software may affect your size, and how to effectively present your results to leadership.

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The Opportunity Cost of Avoiding Cannabis Banking During COVID-19

The coronavirus has impacted communities with CRBs and the financial institutions that bank them. Since many states have declared CRBs as essential businesses, the importance of banking them is more essential than ever. Join us to learn how serving underbanked CRBs can be beneficial both to your community and your financial institution, especially in times of crisis.

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COVID-19 & Financial Crimes: Schemes in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

There have been financial crimes schemes during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. This includes fraud, anti-money laundering issues, and other corrupt practices. Companies, their customers, and individuals can safeguard themselves from financial crime schemes seeking to exploit the conditions existing during the coronavirus pandemic.


Is Your Financial Institution’s Data Safe in the Cloud? FFIEC Issues Joint Statement on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an efficient and cost-effective way of housing data and is becoming a mainstay for data services and infrastructure across the globe. The financial services industry is often cautious about moving data to the cloud, and rightly so with a heavy concentration of customers’ private information.

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Automated Intelligence in BSA/AML – Infographic

As automated intelligence and machine learning become more prevalent in banking, so do the questions surrounding these new technologies. The lack of understanding around AI/ML has created uncertainty for BSA professionals and has caused them to seek answers about how and when automated intelligence will impact their BSA programs.

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Staying Compliant During a Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, Abrigo brought together some of our industry experts to discuss the pressures and challenges facing BSA and fraud professionals during these unprecedented times. This discussion touches on topics like contingency plans, fraud trends, maintaining compliance, and staying secure while working remotely.

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