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3 Charts showing the state of CRE lending standards

Mary Ellen Biery
November 16, 2016
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Bank regulators for many quarters have expressed concern about easing underwriting standards in commercial real estate lending, especially as examiners have noticed increased concentrations of CRE loans in financial institutions’ portfolios. Even so, a recent survey by Sageworks found that 42 percent of bankers identify CRE as the primary focus for loan portfolio growth, highlighting the tension that institutions face when it comes to growing CRE while keeping risk in check.

The Federal Reserve’s latest Senior Lending Officer Opinion Survey should provide some comfort to regulators as CRE standards tightened for the fifth quarter in a row, especially among multifamily residential loans.

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The charts below show how large ($20 billion or more in domestic assets) banks and those under that size reportedly have adjusted credit standards. The Fed noted that “a moderate net fraction of banks reported tightening standards for loans secured by nonfarm nonresidential properties, whereas significant net fractions of banks reported tightening standards for construction and land development loans and loans secured by multifamily residential properties.” This net fraction is found by subtracting the percentage of banks that eased standards from the percent that tightened them.

Demand, meanwhile, was stronger for construction and loan development loans and basically unchanged on net for other types of CRE loans, the Fed said.

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How have your credit standards change graph

How have your credit standards changed over past 3 months for approving loans secured by multifamily residential properties graph
How have your credit standards changed over past 3 months for approving loans secured by nonfarm nonresidential properties graph

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