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6 Ways to Increase Dental Practice Sales

August 1, 2016
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When running a dental practice, there are plenty of opportunities to increase sales. These opportunities can come in the form of simple changes to how the practice is operated. Read ahead for some tips on how to increase sales for a dental practice.

  1. Implement a text appointment reminder system

If a dental practice has a large proportion of patients ages 28 and under, they should consider implementing a text appointment reminder system. Text appointment reminder systems, like Smile Reminders, cater to the tech savvy generation. This generation is very centered around technology, so a dentist office that texts reminders instead of calling may incentivize them to stay with a particular dental office.

  1. Add patient testimonials to the practice’s website

Consider adding patient testimonials to the company website. Testimonials can highlight the efficiency and quality of service of a practice and attract more customers. Positive patient testimonials can increase the credibility of your business and help increase sales for the practice.

  1. Have games in the practice’s waiting room

If a practice has a large percentage of patients under the age of 10, consider providing interactive games and screens in the waiting room to help pass the time. A common struggle parents have is taking their children somewhere and keeping them entertained. If a dental office provided games to entertain children, this could help increase the likelihood that parents return to the practice.

  1. Create a cash bonus program

Consider setting up a cash bonus program to reward staff who attract new patients. For example, a practice could give a staff member a $50 commission for winning a new patient. This incentive could help encourage staff members to recruit new patients for the practice, and the $50 commission would be a small cost relative to the earning potential of all the new clients.

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  1. Send postcards to prospects

Consider sending postcards to zip codes within a 20 mile radius of the practice as a way to attract new patients. This is a great way to reach people who may be searching for a new dental practice but are unaware of your proximity. Knowing that the practice is located relatively close could help secure the practice their business.

  1. Offer Referral Discounts

Consider offering discounts to patients who refer family and friends to incentivize clients to refer others to the practice. The discount is a small price to pay if they draw in new patients.

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