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A Family Gathering

April 21, 2017
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Guest blog post from Banker’s Toolbox Chief Revenue Officer

family gathering darrin blog

Here at Banker’s Toolbox, as we are taking inventory of all the things that make our company special, one powerful attribute rises to the top of the list, and it cannot be seen by looking internally. I refer to our “Family of Customers.”

This week, we will be hosting our annual gathering: the BAM+ Users Group, affectionately known as “BUG.” This is our yearly opportunity to draw in current customers, prospects, partners and even past customers who soon will be customers again at new institutions.

Family is NOT too strong a word to describe this group of passionate advocates. It describes not only how they feel about Banker’s Toolbox and our world class software, but also how they feel about and interact with each other. 

This is a group of BSA and fraud prevention professionals who are passionate about their mission, their charter, what they protect and what they prevent. They are driven to automate, improve and excel in their efforts to not just pass regulatory exams, but to achieve near-perfection.

This leads me further down the list of what makes our company and our products special: that it’s the power-user’s solution that will meet you wherever you are on the learning curve, and support you with the necessary expertise.

  • Are you a small or low-risk financial institution (FI), automating for the first time and want to tune the system to a limited number of behavioral based and rules based thresholds? Do you want the experts and the system to be set up for you to work, but always backed up by the ability to show examiners exactly HOW it alerts and why – based on your own data? Our family is for you.
  • Are you are fast-growing institution who needs help with your current workload, staffing assessments, program reviews and exam preparation? Are you moving carefully up the curve from beginner to advanced? Our family is ALSO for you.
  • Are you a mid-size or large FI, facing additional scrutiny as you grow past $5B, $15B, $25B dollars in assets? Do you want access to ALL the features, tuning, dials, data and statistical analysis? Do you need tools to help you manage work across a large staff? Our family is ALSO for you.

We serve financial institutions who have only just received their FDIC charter – all the way up to $40B in assets. FI’s who file 12 SARs a year up to 30,000.

We are the only BSA/AML and fraud provider who can serve EVERY FI, wherever they live, whatever the size, wherever they want their data hosted and with access to ALL the information inside the system needed to thrive in a regulatory world.

Better than that, we are a FAMILY. If you are not already a member, we would love to have you join us. At BUG 2018 and beyond.

If you’re joining us for BUG 2017, we look forward to seeing you there! To see what customers are saying about Banker’s Toolbox, click here

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