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ALLL in Due Time

March 29, 2015
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Kim Ayers, MST

I am a former banker and work in business development for MST. I contact banks in the Midwest and some Pacific Coast states daily and the main concern I hear from professionals handling the ALLL is time – there’s never enough of it.

Consider constantly changing government regulations, business growth and acquisition considerations, insufficient staffing resulting in too many hats to wear – and some ALLL professionals still work directly with customers. It’s no wonder there is a shortage of time.

Here at MST, I’ve learned that not only can we help bankers save time by automating their ALLL process with our flagship solution, the Loan Loss Analyzer, we also help by providing education. From sending bankers our monthly Insider update to hosting our annual ALLL conference, to our webinars, white papers, blog and YouTube page, MST can be your go-to source for all the current, pertinent information on the ALLL and related issues.I urge you to check out our website at We think you’ll find the information as valuable as the time you’ll save by having access to it all in one place.

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