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Best Practices: LLA Database Backups

November 4, 2015
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MST allows customers to host the Loan Loss Analyzer within the financial institution’s network, versus remote hosting. Many customers prefer this option feeling it provides added security for customer loan information.

For clients exercising this option, we suggest confirming with the bank’s Systems Administrator that the Loan Loss Analyzer database is backed up internally. Backup procedures are the responsibility of your IT team. Because MST does not have access to your network, we are not able to provide a backup of your Loan Loss Analyzer database in the event of an emergency. Your IT team is expert in backing up critical systems and is most likely already doing so. Still, we urge you to double-check that all of these procedures are in-place and working properly.

If your IT team has questions about proper procedures for backing up the Loan Loss Analyzer’s SQL server database, MST support is happy to help. Please direct them to contact us at [email protected] or 877-910-9789 ext 255.

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