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Loan Loss Analyzer Tip

November 4, 2015
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Pool Browser Question: When modifying a reporting period, should I “Refresh Account Info” or “Re-Initiate”?

Refresh Account Info: Refreshes any information from a new import file (if processed) into the selected Reporting Period. However, it does not overwrite any changes to factors or impairments that you have made to an account. When Refresh is selected, a dialog box explaining what is about to happen will appear. Select OK if you wish to continue.

Reinitiate: Overwrites all work done in the selected reporting period from the time the period was first initiated. This includes any changes that you have made to factors or impairments. A dialog box will appear with the message, “This will clear all changes to factors and impairments you made for this reporting period. Do you want to continue?” You will seldom need to reinitiate a reporting period.


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