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Meet Our “SARs” – Support, Account Managers, Relationship Managers

March 24, 2017
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No, not those SARs. Learn about the different roles that support our customers.

support from banker's toolbox

Meet the SARs of Banker’s Toolbox. No, they’re not the kind of SARs you’re used to filing with FinCEN. Today, we’re defining SARs as the Support, Account Manager and Relationship Manager roles within the Banker’s Toolbox team.

Because we are dedicated to our customers’ success (not just software), we’ve organized our teams to provide our partners with the best experience possible. Here’s a look into the SARs of Banker’s Toolbox!

S – Customer Support Representatives – Customer support is here to troubleshoot questions and issues with the Banker’s Toolbox applications. (Hey, questions happen! And we love connecting you with a real person to get them answered quickly and effectively when they do.) The support team can speak to very technical issues, which requires a lot of expertise. With all the different cores and feeds out there in the banking world, our support team practically speaks another language! However, their goal is to make everything as easy as possible for our customers. “What’s rewarding to me is being able to understand what’s going on, solve an issue, and then explain it to the customer, especially if the issue itself is of a technical nature,” said Nancy, a Customer Support Rep. “I speak geek!” 

A – Account Managers – Account Managers are customers’ advocates inside of the Banker’s Toolbox support function. They’re your eyes and ears, responsible for your overall support experience. “We’re the quarterbacks,” said Emily, an Account Manager. Like the football stars, Account Managers have the goal of directing the rest of the team in the same direction – toward the end zone! And while AMs aren’t directly responsible for technical questions and issues, they do take a holistic approach to understanding what’s going on between your organization and ours. That’s important in helping you get the best use possible out of your Banker’s Toolbox solutions.

R – Relationship Managers – Once you become a member of the Banker’s Toolbox family, your Relationship Manager becomes your strategic partner in your success. They’re your liaison between your financial institution and Banker’s Toolbox organization, there to talk about your needs and goals in the context of your partnership with us. “It’s incredibly valuable to hear customers’ feedback on how they use the software to fit their unique needs,” said Martin, a member of the RM team. “Gaining that perspective allows us to understand what the financial institution is trying to achieve, and how we can assist them in meeting their goals.”

Though the Ss, the As and the Rs all have different roles, they all work together toward one of our core values – delighting our customers. “The best is when it all comes together,” said Martin. “When we line up all the pieces,” Emily added, “that’s when the whole thing works.”

In interacting with our customers on a daily basis, the SARs gain valuable insights into our customers’ day-to-day lives. They’re able to then relay product and industry-related information back to the product team, the software developers and other internal teams. It’s all about feedback, communication and collaboration toward aligning the company’s goals. It’s something we work hard on every day!

No matter the job title, each of us at Banker’s Toolbox strives to go above and beyond for our customers. After all, we provide success, not just software.

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