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National ALLL Conference Session to Cover CECL Implementation Blueprint

Brandy Aycock
February 17, 2017
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The MST National ALLL Conference is the industry’s only annual educational conference dedicated to the regulatory and accounting issues related to the allowance. It’s no surprise, then, that the 2017 edition, our seventh consecutive annual conference, will focus on CECL and the issues you face in your transition to the new allowance accounting standard. This year’s sessions are built around the most important and perplexing CECL topics, each session featuring presentations by leading CECL experts and interactive discussion among attendees on a particular issue.

Session: CECL Implementation Blueprint

Panel: Dorsey Baskin, Independent MST Senior Advisor- Accounting; Shane Williams, Senior MST Advisor- Modeling; Chris Emery, MST Director of Special Projects and Senior Advisor- Engineering; Garry Rank, Independent MST Senior Advisor. 

Creating a CECL Blueprint is to build a plan, a multi-year implementation and methodology strategy leading to CECL compliance. It is unique to each lender, designed, in most cases with the support of a CECL transition consultant, around an examination and understanding of your current status and needs in terms of transitioning to CECL. The blueprint addresses those needs from varying perspectives, each one essential to developing a compliant CECL solution.

A blueprint for CECL implementation might include the following activities:

  • Assess both the quality and quantity of historical data
  • Analyze gaps between current processes and those required for CECL compliance
  • Test various models synchronous to your incurred loss methodology
  • Consider documentation, capital budgeting, internal controls and governance
  • Develop an iterative process to examine, reconcile, validate and record changes to the model
  • Outline steps for managing CECL past implementation, through the initial reporting periods and beyond

CECL Implementation Blueprint will be a highly interactive session, designed to help you understand how to approach your own path to CECL compliance.

To learn more about the National ALLL Conference, click here.

Download the 2016 National ALLL Conference Digest.

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