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NY Fed’s research papers on large and complex banks

March 26, 2014
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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has recently released a series of research papers dissecting the criticisms many have of large and complex financial institutions, according to a blog post by the Fed’s Donald Morgan this past Tuesday.

These papers were written with the belief that “good research is a vital input to sound economic policy,” according to Jamie McAndrews, executive vice president and head of the Research and Statistics Group at the New York Fed.

This series of eleven papers, which will be summarized by the Fed in the coming weeks, are available through the New York Fed’s Economic Policy Review:

Do Big Banks Have Lower Operating Costs? by Anna Kovner, James Vickery and Lily Zhou

Evidence from the Bond Market on Banks’ “Too-Big-to-Fail” Subsidy by João Santos

Do “Too-Big-to-Fail” Banks Take on More Risk? by Gara Afonso, João Santos and James Traina

Components of U.S. Financial Sector Growth, 1950-2013 by Samuel Antill, David Hou and Asani Sarkar

Evolution in Bank Complexity by Nicola Cetorelli, James McAndrews and James Traina

Measures of Complexity of Global Banks by Nicola Cetorelli and Linda S. Goldberg

Matching Collateral Supply and Financing Demands in Dealer Banks by Adam Kirk, James McAndrews, Parinitha Sastry and Phillip Weed

Bank Resolution Concepts, Tradeoffs, and Changes in Practices by Phoebe White and Tanju Yorulmazer

The Failure Resolution of Lehman Brothers by Michael Fleming and Asani Sarkar

Why Bail-in? And How! by Joseph H. Sommer

What Makes Large Bank Failures So Messy and What to Do About It? by James McAndrews, Donald P. Morgan, João Santos and Tanju Yorulmazer

To access the full series of research papers, visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Economic Policy Review.

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