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Plastics product manufacturing (NAICS 326150) industry trends

September 16, 2013
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The plastics product manufacturing industry includes firms that process plastics into intermediate or final products. Firms in this industry use processes including compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and casting. This industry comprises firms involved in plastics packaging materials and un-laminated film and sheet manufacturing, plastics pipe, pipe fitting and un-laminated profile shape manufacturing, laminated plastics plate, sheet and shape manufacturing, polystyrene foam product manufacturing and plastics bottle manufacturing. Plastics packing materials and un-laminated film and sheet manufacturing converts plastics into plastics film, sheet or plastic bags. Plastics pipe, pipe fitting and un-laminated profile shape manufacturing creates plastics pipers, pipe fittings and plastics profile shapes such as rod, tube and sausage casings. Laminated plastics plate, sheet and shape manufacturing laminates plate, sheet, rod and other plastics profile shapes. Polystyrene foam product manufacturing creates polystyrene foam products. Plastics bottle manufacturing firms oversee the production of plastic bottles. Additionally, the industry includes plastics trash containers manufacturing, plastics dinnerware manufacturing and resilient floor coverings (e.g. sheet, tiles) manufacturing.

The Census Bureau’s most recent data indicates that there are approximately 12,136 firms within this industry. The majority of firms within this industry are involved in plastics packaging materials, film and sheet manufacturing.

According to Sageworks’ industry data, the industry’s net profit margin during the last 12 months was 4.80 percent. During this time, the average gross profit margin was 26.98 percent.

The graph below shows business statistics for the average company in the plastics product manufacturing industry.

 Plastics product manufacturing NAICS 3261

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