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Texas BSA and AML Professional Recognition Day 2017

October 24, 2017
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The State of Texas has declared Thursday, October 26th as BSA and AML Professional Recognition Day

(view formal proclamation

BSA and AML Professional Recognition Day

Why would Banker’s Toolbox propose a BSA and AML Professional Recognition Day?

How many times has someone asked you what you do and it then turns into a long definition of BSA?  At the end, the person who originated the questions says, “Wow, I had no idea! That’s pretty cool”, or something like that.  We bet it happens a lot.  It happens to us all the time when we explain how our products support BSA/AML professionals.  Because of that, we had a thought, “how could we raise more awareness?  How could we get the average person to pay some attention, maybe even learn a little?” 

With that, we began our quest to have a day dedicated to the BSA/AML professional.  We contacted the Mayor’s Office, the Governor’s Office and even individuals at the national level.  We told history, we made our case, and we kept up the pressure.  Then they came.  First from the Mayor’s Office, then the Governor’s.  Proclamations of recognition! Thursday, October 26th is now, officially, BSA and AML Professional Recognition Day in the State of Texas and the City of Austin (view press release).  Raise a glass, pat yourselves and each other on the back this Thursday, because it is your day, a day we all show our appreciation for the hard work you do to protect our financial system and our country from criminal activity.

You may ask why we care so much, why we would we pursue such a quest? A valid question. But you don’t need to look much farther than our motto, “Success, not JUST software”, to understand how deep our dedication is to this industry and the people who work within it. And let’s not forget the inception of Banker’s Toolbox was an empathetic gesture from Daniel Cho, then an IT Manager, to his BSA officer.  His desire to help his BSA officer became what we know today as BAM+, the leading BSA/AML and fraud prevention software in the industry (read the full story here).

Enjoy this day of recognition, bask in the warmth of our gratitude and appreciation of those who benefit from your hard work.  We say thank you Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Professional!

This, and every day, we honor you and everything you do.


Click here to see how you can celebrate this day.


Watch Below For A Special Message From Banker’s Toolbox 



Banker’s Toolbox fought to honor BSA and AML professionals in order to celebrate the work that they do and demonstrate our dedication to serving them. We are committed to supporting the work that they do by offering solutions, education and services that make the jobs of BSA and AML professionals easier and detecting financial crime a success. We want to recognize this day with our entire industry family and encourage the rest of the nation to join us. Learn more by watching the video below.




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