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Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 17, 2017
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Thanksgiving summons us in innocence, a quiet voice. Though nonetheless demanding. Demanding that we show our gratitude for being American. 

Thanksgiving is a Rockwell illustration: the nuclear family – a crowded dining table, plaid flannel shirts, a carving knife, turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie. Gluttony is suspended from the list of deadly sins. 

Relatives visit or call. Your connection with kin is stronger. Your roots dig a bit deeper and run toward home. 

Before commercialism turns a Friday black, we receive a cherished gift: a day to switch-off, stop, reflect – a present to unwrap and use as directed. 

‘Tis also a season for sentimentality, a time to lament those we love and have lost. Who does not recall the sweet smile of someone no longer with us? 

But Thanksgiving calls for happiness and hope. 

As Americans, we persevere. We become strong through adversity – recession, hurricane, terror. We rally. We pull together as a neighborhood, a city, an entire nation. When it’s most challenging, we the people are at our best.

I take no credit for much of the good I enjoy. I had nothing to do with being born into this country. But I am a thankful American: thankful for those who conceived and built our best of all nations; thankful for the commitment and innovation that have born my opportunities; thankful to those who have lost limbs, even life protecting our way. Thankful to worship God as I please. Thankful for Thanksgiving itself and its reminder to me to say thanks … 

And to pass along my wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.


-Dalton T. Sirmans, MST CEO

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