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Top Lending & Credit Risk Blog Posts of 2019

Mary Ellen Biery
December 31, 2019
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Top blog posts reflect bank, CU priorities

As 2019 winds down, community banks and credit unions have worked hard to attract new customers and members and to retain existing ones. They’ve also focused on growing loans while managing risk. Those priorities are apparent in the most popular Abrigo lending and credit blog posts for the year. Articles focused on improving loan pricing, creating a better experience for borrowers, and developing risk ratings customized for the institution were among the most-viewed throughout the year.

Popular articles about credit, lending

Here are the top blog posts in the lending and credit categories, along with a brief summary of each:

  1. Loan Pricing Models: What to Consider for Loan Origination Financial institutions that structure and optimize pricing for loans are able to ensure they are adequately compensated for the risk they are taking.
  2. What Objectives Should Loan Review or Credit Risk Review Systems Address? An effective loan review system has always been critical for managing portfolio risk at financial institutions and for accurately estimating the allowance for loan and lease losses, or ALLL. As regulators update guidance for loan review or credit risk review systems, increased emphasis is being placed on their importance to risk management more broadly.
  3. What is Digital Lending and How Can Community Banks, Credit Unions Benefit? Digital lending is the use of online technology to originate and renew loans in order to deliver faster and more efficient decisions.
  4. Why Do People Switch Banks? The reasons customers eventually decide to abandon their financial institution vary, but there are common themes among those shopping for a new bank.
  5. 5 Common Lending Challenges and How Software Can Help Financial institutions are equipped to solve five common lending challenges when they provide staff with the necessary data through an integrated software solution.
  6. How to Create a Credit Risk Rating System Regulatory guidance outlines expectations for credit risk rating systems, but banks and credit unions still have the ability to customize a credit risk rating system to best fit the unique risk characteristics of their institutions.
  7. 6 Key Components That All Loan Administration Systems Should Have Loan administration is a critical element for the safety and soundness of an institution. While the sophistication of a loan administration system will depend on the size of the institution and the complexity of its portfolio, some functions should be integrated in all.
  8. Global Cash Flow Analysis: How to Maximize the Value With the number of small business loans nationwide, the need for better analysis of potential borrowers’ financial situation is more urgent than ever.
  9. How to Fix the 3 Biggest Problems with Small Business Lending With increased competition for small business loans, banks and credit unions could offer better pricing or easier terms than competitors in order to win deals. Another option is to make small business lending more efficient and borrower-friendly.
  10. “We Spent All This Money on Software, Why Aren’t People Using It?” Banks and credit unions can take steps to avoid troublesome software integrations and can regroup from poor user adoption of software or if a project seems off course, says Steven Martin of Marcato Advisors.


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Mary Ellen Biery

Senior Strategist & Content Manager
Mary Ellen Biery is Senior Strategist & Content Manager at Abrigo, where she works with advisors and other experts to develop whitepapers, original research, and other resources that help financial institutions drive growth and manage risk. A former equities reporter for Dow Jones Newswires whose work has been published in

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