CECL Essentials for Community Banks

Confidently Transition to CECL with easy-to-use software that's both reliable and recognized by auditors and examiners

Mitigate risk with our trusted CECL model.

Scalable Compliance for Community Banks

CECL Essentials is designed for community financial institutions looking towards a 2023 CECL adoption timeline. With simplified software implementation, we can help busy bankers meet expectations using CECL approaches that fit your size and complexity. Training is led by our award-winning Client Services team and we offer optional accounting and modeling support from our Advisory Services Group. 


More bankers trust Abrigo than any other partner for the allowance for loan and lease loss/allowance for credit loss (ALLL/ACL) calculation. Streamline the expected-loss transition and reporting using the American Bankers Association-endorsed solution for CECL.  

Benefits of CECL Essentials for Your Bank.

Simple Software Implementation

CFI-focused software integration and implementation to move at your speed and meet your needs. 

Proven CECL Model

Configure and adjust your model for CECL compliance, including the approach that has been through thousands of successful audits and examinations.

Peer Data & Loss Benchmarking

Supplement your credit loss experience with peer data when you lack the data or losses to perform the estimate.

It was clear to us that loss modeling is what Abrigo is in business to do. Knowing that Abrigo understands the business and has a team of industry experts made it an easy fit.

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A Proven CECL Solution for Your Bank.

Streamline the transition to CECL with Abrigo's simple software implementation and proven CECL model that will set up your bank for success, and whatever the future will bring. Get in touch today to see how our team can help.

CECL Advisory Services

Our robust in-house consulting group includes former bankers, accountants, and CECL experts with deep and varied expertise. They work to alleviate the regulatory burden placed on financial institutions. 

Abrigo's Advisory Services engagements range from CECL transition plans and data audits to outsourced CECL calculations. 

CECL Resources

FASB's CECL Prep Kit

Resources include implementation and data guides, accounting resources, and a CECL solution checklist.

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Steps to Adopt CECL by 2023

How to adopt (and scale) best practices and avoid common stumbling blocks while implementing CECL.

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Top 10 CECL Lessons Learned

Abrigo's advisory team reports important findings from the first implementors of CECL .

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