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Gain a better understanding of risk, and proactively manage your portfolio.

Understand concentration and portfolio risk with Sageworks Stress Testing

Our software allows you apply multi-variable stress scenarios using key factors like interest rate, cash flow, and collateral value across multiple loan types.

Features and Benefits of Sageworks Stress Testing include:

  • Stressing CRE, C&I, and any loan in the portfolio
  • Creating reports to effectively communicate risk levels to management, the board, and examiners
  • Performing top down or bottom up portfolio stress testing
  • Bridging loan data integrated from the core, and more.

Impress examiners with Sageworks Stress Testing today.

"Sageworks Stress Testing is an efficient way to stress different levels of our portfolio. Since purchasing the solution, examiners have been very happy, making life easier for us."

Kristen Beggs, West Texas National Bank, Midland, TX