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Abrigo Launches Commercial Account Opening and Treasury Services Software

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Austin, Texas, April 19, 2021 - Abrigo, the leading technology provider of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for financial institutions, today announced the launch of Abrigo Commercial Account Opening. In partnership with ProcessMaker, a leading provider in workflow management, Abrigo’s robust commercial account opening and treasury services software is an end-to-end online solution that allows financial institution customers to open commercial accounts from anywhere and in 10 minutes or less.

Nearly three out of four bank customers agree that account opening should happen instantly, according to a recent study by Ekata, a global identity verification solution provider. However, excessive paperwork and bottlenecks in the back office make this impossible for most banks and credit unions. Abrigo’s customizable commercial account opening and treasury services software makes it easy for banks and credit unions to provide rapid account opening, bolstering customer satisfaction. Another unique component of this new software is the pairing of it with treasury management services onboarding. Abrigo Commercial Account Opening enables financial institutions to ask customers about adding treasury services at the same time they are opening the deposit account. Automating this process makes it easier for financial institutions to capture this important stream of fee income earlier and seamlessly. Abrigo Commercial Account Opening streamlines and automates many time-intensive components of account opening and treasury services while improving the experience for customers and members by, among other benefits:

  • Allowing the customer to apply for multiple business accounts at once
  • Incorporating a dynamic application that asks tailored questions contingent on previous answers
  • Allowing for e-signatures as well as remote upload of supporting documents
  • Allowing for applicants to start, save, and resume applications at any point
  • Supporting complex relationships and notifying related parties when their signature or other information is needed
  • Enabling treasury services to be jointly set up with the initial account opening

Learn how Abrigo can help your customers can open a commercial account in 10 minutes.

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"Financial institutions are always looking for innovative ways to become more digital and efficient without losing the human, personal touch they're known for,” said Jay Blandford, President of Abrigo. “That’s why our Commercial Account Opening software is so important. Some customers will want to open a commercial account without leaving their business, while others will want the help of their banker. Regardless of whether the customer or member is filling out the application or the banker is filling it out on their behalf, Abrigo Commercial Account Opening makes the process fast and seamless, creating a better experience for customers and members, as well as the institution’s staff.”

While the solution makes account opening easier for customers and members, banks and credit unions also gain significant time savings, allowing bankers to acquire even more customers, driving additional growth and revenue for the institution. Financial institutions using the Commercial Account Opening solution can utilize custom dashboards and receive notifications for completed tasks utilizing workflows. Plus, the completely web-based solution integrates with Abrigo’s other origination solutions for increased data efficiency.

Financial institutions can begin implementing Abrigo’s Commercial Account Opening solution today. To learn more about the solution or how to get started, visit

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