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Photo of Derek Hipp, CPA

Derek Hipp, CPA

Director, Advisory Services

Portfolio Risk & CECL

Derek has over 12 years of experience in public accounting and consulting, specializing in financial institutions. He is a co-founder of the ValuCast™ suite of software solutions and is a leader on Abrigo’s, formerly Valuant, consulting and product delivery services. Derek specializes in Day 1 valuation and due diligence services, Day 2 accounting, allowance for loan loss services, historical loan prepayment speed analyses, and historical deposit studies. He has recently assisted clients in preparing for CECL by providing readiness activities and implementing the ValuCast™ Suite-CECL SaaS solution. Prior to founding Valuant, Derek worked in a consulting practice for a top 30 accounting firm and as an external auditor for financial institutions.