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Photo of Steven Kemmerling

Steven Kemmerling

Founder & CEO

Steven Kemmerling is the Founder and CEO of CRB Monitor.  Tracking over 62,000 direct marijuana-related businesses, 100,000 marijuana licenses and 90,000 beneficial owners, CRB Monitor is the most comprehensive database on the cannabis industry and relied upon by financial institutions to effectively manage and monetize cannabis-related risk and opportunity.  Mr. Kemmerling is an established thought-leader on “cannabis banking,” speaking frequently on the topic at local and national banking and compliance events.  He is well-known for creating the “Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3” MRB framework, which is used in many institutions’ cannabis policies. Prior to founding CRB Monitor, Mr. Kemmerling was a mergers & acquisitions investment banker and a securities litigation consultant.