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Guide to Performing a Successful AML Staffing Assessment

Conducting a staffing assessment is critical to understanding the effectiveness of your AML program. Not only will the staffing assessment reveal any bottlenecks you have in your workflow, but it may also uncover areas where competing tasks are costing your employees valuable time in the AML investigation process. An AML staffing assessment may also help you “make the case” for hiring more people when the total work hours may be higher than the number of hours available within the team. As with any strategic decision-making, the more data you have, the more compelling the solution.

This guide contains some best practices when conducting your assessment and will give you a solid chance to complete your review with results you can use to make strategic staffing decisions for your AML program. Embarking on an staffing assessment can be daunting and it requires a significant investment of time. However, the results can provide you with insights into your department’s workflow and arm you with significant evidence to make needed staffing changes.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Tips to creating a document for record keeping and tracking findings as your complete your staffing assessment
  • Summarized steps for several important categories, such as conducting a risk assessment, updating policy, procedures, and processes, AML and fraud transaction monitoring, and more
  • How to track volumes of each category and how to analyze the data to give you the correct number of employees to meet all regulator expectations

Is your staff set up to work as efficiently as possible? Learn more about how our expert AML consulting team can help.