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Infographic: 2021 FinCrime Industry Survey on BSA/AML Trends

Abrigo surveyed over 300 BSA and Compliance Officers, BSA Analysts, and other fraud and compliance professionals from both banks and credit unions in our inaugural FinCrime Industry Survey. This survey covered a variety of topics including the impacts of COVID-19, SAR filing statistics, cannabis banking, and other BSA/AML trends. The results show that while some industry challenges are perennial, compliance professionals are grappling with a range of emerging issues and trends.

Download to learn:

  • Top obstacles reported by BSA/AML professionals
  • Impact of the pandemic and related events on BSA and Fraud departments
  • How your institution compares to reported SAR filing numbers
  • BSA/AML trends on cannabis banking and cryptocurrency

View the full results from the 2021 BSA/AML and Fraud Staff Survey by Abrigo: Top Issues for FinCrime Fighters here.